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Put your agent/broker in charge of your conveyancing transaction today!

All agent/brokers are given authority by you to deal on your behalf for the more routine parts of the conveyancing transaction, leaving you more time to relax! As a result of this, we are unfortunately unable to offer the abodeExpedite conveyancing service to the general public, you can ONLY get this unique service through an agent or broker.

If your agent or broker does NOT use abodeExpedite for their conveyancing, please ask them to get in contact with us through our main website, by clicking the "contact us" link on abode conveyancing uk

If you have arrived on this page by accident, and you do not wish to use the abodeExpedite conveyancing service, or do not have a mortgage broker or estate agent you may still instruct a conveyancing solicitor online through abode on our public website at abode conveyancing uk

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